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Details Cyber-Warfare-and-Cyber-Terrorism-Premier-Reference

Provides an overview with basic definitions of cyber terrorism and information warfare, along with recommendations on how to handle these attacks. This work presents a discussion on primary target facilities, deliverables, external penetration ...

63,13 EUR*
Details Cyber-World-Potentials-and-Risks-Exploit-Potentials-and-Mitigate-Risks-of-Cyber-Technology

Cyber World Cyber Technology offers ample opportunities to seek, analyze and use information as never before. It is useful to government for better governance, to entrepreneurs and corporate world for wealth maximization, learning tools to educators ...

186,00 EUR*
Details Investigating-Cyber-Law-and-Cyber-Ethics-Issues-Impacts-and-Practices-Advances-in-Information-Security-Privacy-and-Ethics

Ethical values in computing are essential for understanding and maintaining the relationship between computing professionals and researchers and the users of their applications and programs. While concerns about cyber ethics and cyber law are ...

20,17 EUR*
Details Bresser-Lithium-Ionen-Akku-fr-Sony-NP-FR1-Camcorder-37V-1250mAh

Dieser BRESSER Lithium-Ionen Akku kann für folgende Kameras verwendet werden:  Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F88; Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G1; Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200; Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150; Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P120; Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P100; Sony Cyber-shot ...

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Details Splash-Toys-56005-Cyber-Strike-Slime-Control-Gun-X-Stream-239

Splash Toys Cyber Strike Slime Control Gun ''In der Cyber Galaxie 2.1 heißt die Mission nämlich: Einschleimen! Dazu ist die Cyber Strike- Slime Gun das richtige Hilfsmittel. Einfach Slime Gun mit Schleim ausrüsten, Laden, Maske zur Tarnung anziehen ...

115,62 EUR*
Details First-International-Symposium-for-ICS-Scada-Cyber-Security-Research-2013

First International Symposium for ICS & SCADA Cyber Security Research The 1st International Symposium for Industrial Control System & SCADA Cyber Security Research (ICS-CSR) is a research conference aimed at high-quality academic research in the cyber ...

32,10 EUR*
Details Cyber-Thunder-Cider

Ezfg - Cyber Thunder Cider (CD+DVD) [Japan CD] DGSA-10094

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Details Cyber-Neptune

Claire VEZINA Cyber Neptune CD

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Details Doom-Cyber-Demon-Keramic-Kaffeebecher-Tasse

Doom - Cyber Demon - Keramic Kaffeebecher / Tasse. Original Lizenzartikel. VERSAND KOSTENFREI

22,79 EUR*
Details Hhnel-HL-X1-Akku-36V-1090mAh-fr-Sony-NP-BX1


18,55 EUR*
Details Hintere-Radtraeger-Set-0-GradCyber-10B

H100851 - HPI Hintere Radtraeger Set (0 Grad/Cyber 10B) HPI - Art.Nr.: H100851 - EAN: 4944258516998

36,95 EUR*
Details Amewi-22138-RC-Motorrad-Cyber-Cycle-40-MHz-Silber

RC Motorrad (silber) Cyber Cycle silver Beschreibung: Der CyberCycle überzeugt nicht nur mit seinem bulligem Design sondern auch mit der einfachen Steuerung. Das bullige Design verleiht dem Cyber Cycle ein brachiales Aussehen. Die breiten Reifen ...

8,29 EUR*
Details Cyber-Clean-Car-Reinigungsmasse-145g-im-Pop-up-Becher

Entdecken Sie eine neue Art der Reinigung! Cyber Clean Car wurde in der Schweiz entwickelt und ist ein innovatives und patentiertes Konzept zur Reinigung, Desinfektion und Pflege des Auto Innenraumes Produkte der Cyber Clean Reihe sind einfach und ...

9,23 EUR*
Details SARA-and-the-Cyber-Psychic-Squad

Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad: In an exciting fourth and final novel of the "Psychic Sara Series," Sara, with her cousin Kerri and her friend, Nick, who acquired his powers from Sara during a bone marrow transplant ...

36,40 EUR*
Details Stealing-the-Network-How-to-Own-a-Continent-Cyber-Fiction

Stealing the Network A work of fiction which provides an insight into the boundaries of hacking and cyber-terrorism. It is written by a team of the cyber-security specialists in the world.

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Details Cyber-Security-Analytics-Technology-and-Automation-Intelligent-Systems-Control-and-Automation-Science-and-Engineering-Band-78

The book, in addition to the cyber threats and technology, processes cyber security from many sides as a social phenomenon and how the implementation of the cyber security strategy is carried out.The book gives a profound idea of the most spoken ...

32,43 EUR*
Details Cyber-Diplomacy-Managing-Foreign-Policy-in-the-Twenty-first-Century

Cyber-diplomacy An examination of how diplomacy is adapting to the new global information order.

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Details Feder-14-x-60-x-11mm-105WDG-50gf-Schwarz-2-St-Cyber-10B

H100866 - HPI Feder 14 x 60 x 1.1mm 10.5WDG 50gf Schwarz (2 St) Cyber 10B) HPI - Art.Nr.: H100866 - EAN: 4944258517131

35,45 EUR*
Details Stagg-25011190-CYB-10-Cymbal-Tasche

Der Stagg Cymbal Bag CYB-10 bietet Platz für Becken der Größe 22". Die gepolsterte Beckentasche kommt im schlichten schwarz mit rotem Logo. Das wasserabweisende und gepolsterte Material bietet maximalen Schutz für deine Becken. Der gepolsterte ...

16,17 EUR*
Details Sony-LCS-WE-Ledertasche-fr-die-Cyber-shot-W30-W50-W70

Passgenaue, exklusive Ledertasche für die Cyber-shot DSC-W 30 / DSC-W 50 / DSC-W 70 / DSC-W 100

27,97 EUR*
Details CSI-Cyber-Season-1-Blu-ray

Originaltitel: CSI: Cyber (Season 1) Sprache: Deutsch dts HD 5.1/Englisch dts HD 5.1 Untertitel: Dt. f. Hörg. Produktionsland: USA Produktionsjahr: 2015 Bildformate: 1:1,78/1080i Mehrkanalton: dts HD 5.1 Medienanzahl: 3 Laufzeit: 524 min.

97,68 EUR*
Details Cyber-Warfare-Building-the-Scientific-Foundation-Advances-in-Information-Security-Band-56

This book features a wide spectrum of the latest computer science research relating to cyber warfare, including military and policy dimensions. It is the first book to explore the scientific foundation of cyber warfare and features research from the ...

16,44 EUR*
Details Akku-King-Akku-20106780-Li-Ion-650mAh-fr-Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-T110P

Der Akku ist passend für: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T110P, T110S, TX100VR, TX10G, TX55R, TX7C, W530G, W530P, W560L, W570B, W570V, W390, WX9B, J10, J20, T110, T110B, T110D, T110P, T110R, T110S, T110V, T99, T99B, T99C, T99D, T99DC, T99P, T99S Sony Cyber-shot ...